Written by award-winning Australian writer Craig Christie (eurobeat - the eurovision musical, Crusade, After the Beep), Water Into Wine is a musical drama about the hopes and aspirations of Sunraysia's horticultural farmers or 'blockies' and their ongoing relationship with the Murray River - primarily told through the voices and memories of Sunraysia's women across three generations.


Commissioned by the SunRISE 21 Artists in Industry project, Water Into Wine is drawn from the true stories of women in the Sunraysia area of Australia.  Many families were transported there by their menfolk who dreamed of dragging crops out of the harsh landscape.  The stories are spread over generations and are presented as a series of snapshots rather than as a narrative, each short story being augmented by song.


"I wanted to discover what such a diverse community of growers and horticulturalists shared", says Christie, "not only with each other, but with the wider community.  What came out of the anecdotes I collected was primarily a great sense of joy.  People talked about little things like walking to school through the vines, learning to swim in the Murray, working hard and above all being comfortable with their lot in life."

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