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OzMade Musicals 2003

Theatreworks, St. Kilda

Federation Square


Amidst the flag raisings, the speeches, the parades and the parties, a little bit of history was made on Sunday January 26th (Australia Day) 2003, when Magnormos unveiled itís highly anticipated OZMADE MUSICALS showcase.

The landmark day kicked off with a promotional traffic stopper at Federation Square where featured artists from OzMade Musicals performed a snippet of the impressive material on offer. The vibe was unmistakable, with curious Melburnians soon converging in the heart of the cityís latest hotspot to put a face to the music.

With a lasting impression left on the city's newest cultural landmark, the OzMade Musicals team headed towards the funky Theatreworks in St. Kilda for a 3pm and 8pm performance spotlighting home-grown musical theatre composing and performing talents.

Magnormos Artistic Director Aaron Joyner and internationally acclaimed talent Kevin Purcell led over 25 established and emerging music theatre stars through a pioneering two-hour program. Featuring material based purely on submissions to the Australian Musicals.com web site, OzMade Musicals covered a broad scope of local musicals from writers all around the country.

Old favourites found new life mixed with the new blood from current hot Australian Musical Theatre writers with program selections from Jon English & David Mackay, Matthew Frank & Dean Bryant, John & Fiona Thorn, Kevin Purcell & Stephen Paix & Victor Kazan, Ian Dorricot & Jo Denver, Reg Livermore & Patrick Flynn, Aaron Joyner, Tim Passmore, Paul Kavanagh & Ross Fiddes, Jo Denver & Donald Woodward, Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter, Peter Stannard & Peter Benjamin and Phil Moore.

While the aura in the theatre was one of support and excitement, the buzz in the foyer post-show was electrifying, as performers met writers, writers met licensing agents, and arts critics and journalists gave feedback and advice.

Magnormos will proudly continue it's OZMADE MUSICALS tradition as an annual event.