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"...an ambitious, well-organised, sincere and often surprising presentation of new Australian songs. .... an eye-opening look at what Australian writers are concerned with, very little of which was cliched. .... New works were given an airing, aspiring singers a guernsey, and the commitment shown by everyone involved was exemplary. ... If Australian musical theatre doesn't have a resurgence, it won't be for lack of trying by Joyner and Clarke."  - Fiona Scott Norman

"...a most impressive line-up of local performers. Aaron Joynerís artistic and professional direction was again evident in his choice of cast, varied selection of music, and effective use of the theatre space. ...a very elegant and entertaining concert, and after ozMade Musicals, Iím well on the way to becoming one of Magormosí most devoted fans.  Iím looking forward to making this my Australia Day tradition!"  - Kim Edward

"... a landmark production" - Frank van Straten