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OzMade Musicals 2005
On The Drawing Board

Theatreworks, St. Kilda

Hosted by Jan van de Stool

Supported by the City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Program

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On Friday October 21st, Magnormos presented OzMade Musicals 2005 - 'On The Drawing Board' - a presentation of NEW Australian music theatre currently in development.

Four NEW works were presented, each accepted from a nationwide submission process. Hosted by the hilarious Jan van de Stool (Queenie van de Zandt), the evening was punctuated with special 'OzMade Flashbacks' featuring works that have been presented in previous OzMade Musicals, including Metro Street (recipient of the 2004 Pratt Prize for Music Theatre), All Het Up (the second Australian work accepted into the New York Music Theatre Festival), Rebecca-the Musical, Water Into Wine, and Paris.

An exciting array of performance talent was also on display including John O'May (Mamma Mia!), Robert Grubb (Galipoli, We Will Rock You) Kellie Rode (Mamma Mia!), Kristin Keam (Minefields and Miniskirts), and Matthew Robinson (Saturday Night), plus many, many, more.

OzMade Musicals 2005 also hosted the launch of the 'A Bunch of Ratbags' soundtrack CD, featuring the cast from the recent successful Magnormos Music Theatre Readings Program season.

The musicals 'On The Drawing Board':

Premature Ejaculation the Musical (working title) by Robert Dalle Molle (VIC)
A male response to the highly successful Menopause the Musical.

Frank Christie Frank Clarke (working title) by Peter Fleming and Allan McFadden (NSW)
A hilarious and surprising take on how a highwayman reinvents himself by controlling the media and moving to the USA.

THE BEAUTY SPOT by David W. Young (VIC)
A sharp, frizzy, contemporary musical about image in todays society and how it effects the way we treat each other.

Marlowe/Shakespeare Love and Other Afflictions by Stephen Hyde (TAS)
Cross-dressing, sword fighting, excessive drinking and soaring language in the Elizabethan tradition.

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Logo created by Lauren Elise.

(Top Left) Marlow/Shakespeare Love and Other Afflications from OzMade Musicals 2005 featuring (from left to right) Sarah Hamilton and Clinton Barker.