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OzMade Musicals 2006

Theatreworks, St. Kilda

Sunday, November 19th at 3:00pm

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Hosted by Julia Zemiro

OzMade Musicals 2006 was presented on Sunday November 19th at Theatreworks.  Three works were selected for the On The Drawing Board component - including the first work from the Northern Territory ever presented at OzMade Musicals.

MR. TAKAHASHI AND OTHER FALLING SECRETS by Sandra Thibodeaux and Shellie Morris (NT)
Darwin, 1941. A town collapses under the pressure of global conflict. Mothers and daughters, sisters, friends and entire cultures are torn apart by the secrets that start to fall.

JAMES AND MAGGIE by Peter Yeldham and David Reeves (NSW)
James Cassius Williamson (better known now as JC Williamson), thirty year old American actor meets Maggie Moore, Irish-Australian actor and singer in San Francisco and they fall in love.

LOVE EQUALS by Craig Christie and Kristin Keam (VIC)
Four brilliant women drawn from history come together to discuss the question 'Is it possible to use mathematics to predict life?' - whilst giving insight into their own extraordinary stories.

Each of the above NEW works were presented as a 20 minute 'scene/song' vignette.  All writers were directly involved in the development and presentation of their work.  

It was an eclectic field of On The Drawing Board presentations in 2006, and these were balanced in the program by  highlight performances from existing Australian musicals: the OzMade Flashbacks.

The OzMade Flashbacks celebrated the terrific activity of Australian Music Theatre in 2006, and featured highlights from Silly Season, After The Beep, The White Rose, Nostradamus, Eurobeat, Virgins and Up!. 

OzMade Musicals 2006 proudly united students from Monash University, the Victorian College of the Arts, and the University of Ballarat Arts Academy, who each contributed an item to the program.  All three of these institutions had staged an Australian musical in 2006.

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OzMade Musicals 2006 Logo by Lauren Elise

(Left) Julia Zemiro

(Right) James and Maggie from OzMade Musicals 2006 featuring Megan Hoult and Jeremiah Tickell.