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Monday December 10th 8:00pm

Athenaeum Theatre
188 Collins Street Melbourne

5th anniversary event hosted by


Celebrating five succesful years, OzMade Musicals 2007 was an end-of-the-year extravaganza at the Athenaeum Theatre, hosted by Tony Sheldon on his 'night off' from playing the lead role of Bernadette in Priscilla Queen of the Desert - the Musical.

In 2007 Magnormos provided two new works - The Happy Medium by Peter J Casey and Suddenly Single by Peter Pinne and Paul Dellit - with developmental assistance.  This assistance included the appointment of a creative team and cast, rehearsal venues, aesthetics, and administrative support.  This 'workshopping' process culminated in the gala concert, where a snapshot performance of each work was presented as the 'On The Drawing Board' component of OzMade Musicals 2007.

OzMade Musicals is not just about debuting new work, as Magnormos believes that remembering what has passed is just as important as paving the way for the future.  Through OzMade Flashbacks, the 2007 audience was treated to a highlight number from six existing Australian musicals, and, in line with the 2007 Magnormos Prompt Musicals season 'Strong Women in Song', all of the flashbacks were performed by established and emerging 'leading ladies'.

OzMade Musicals 2007 was a celebration.  A celebration for Magnormos as it reaches the milestone of five years.  A celebration for the writers who were having their work debuted or remembered through the showcase - and a celebration for the audience, to rejoice in our local voice as it sang to us through OzMade musicals.

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OzMade Musicals 2007 Logo by Lauren Elise