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OzMade Musicals 2008
Monday November 17th 8:00pm

Athenaeum Theatre
188 Collins Street Melbourne


The sixth annual gala concert of Australian musical theatre performed by some of Australia’s top musical theatre talent.

Video highlights now available

In 2008 Magnormos provided development assistance to three new Australian musicals; Life's A Circus by Anthony Costanzo, Pink by Joanna White, and Better Than Broadway by David Mitchell, Melvyn Morrow and Ray Cook.  This assistance culminated in the presentation of a fifteen minute vignette of each of the works at Magnormos’ OzMade Musicals, held at Melbourne’s iconic Athenaeum Theatre on Monday 17 November 2008.   The all-star line-up of talent included Anne Wood, Shaun Murphy, Annie Phelan, Jane Badler, Laura Fitzpatrick, Chris Parker, and Don Bridges.

OzMade Musicals 2008 also celebrated four previously successful Australian musicals as OzMade Flashbacks. These ‘flashbacks’ included a segment from Lola Montez to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this landmark musical performed by students from the University of Ballarat Arts Academy, the 2008 AWGIE Award winning Everything's F***ed performed by Chelsea Plumley, The Sentimental Bloke performed by Michael Cormick, and a superlative performance from Better Known As Bee by Toni Lamond, which served to remind everyone why she is one of the great stars of musical theatre.

OzMade Musicals 2008 was a landmark night for Australian musical theatre writing, and the Australian musical theatre industry. With as many recognisable faces in the audience as there were on stage, the foyer was abuzz with responses to the strength of the new writing presented in OzMade Musicals, and optimism about the future of Australian musical theatre.