Marlow / Shakespeare - Love and Other Afflictions (TAS)

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Hyde
OzMade Musicals 2005


Sarah Hamilton and Clinton Barker perform MARLOW / SHAKESPEARE - LOVE AND OTHER AFFLICTIONS at OzMade Musicals 2005Cross-dressing, sword fighting, excessive drinking and soaring language in the Elizabethan tradition.


In 1593 London, Horace Grinspoon, proprietor of the Rotherhythe Inn, has commissioned Shakespeare and Marlowe to write a musical play to be a vehicle for the talents of his mistress and his daughter.  As time progresses, the boundary between off-stage and on-stage events becomes increasingly blurred.


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(Top left) from OzMade Musicals 2005 featuring (from left to right) Sarah Hamilton and Clinton Barker.