From 2003 - 2006, Magnormos was primarily known for staging readings of musicals through the Magnormos Musical Theatre Readings Program (MTRP)

In 2007, to celebrate the 5th birthday of Magnormos, the season of works went 'Off the Book' and the Prompt! Musicals program was born.

Magnormos Prompt! Musicals are boutique productions of  musical theatre that are high on quality - but low on ticket price.

The Prompt! Musicals is programmed the same as the Magnormos MTRP, focusing on premieres of significant international musicals, and Australian-written work.

Unlike the Magnormos MTRP, Prompt! Musicals are choreographed and fully staged, with a full design compliment. 

For information about Prompt! Musicals presentations, see the Shows Index.

Auditions for Prompt! Musicals productions will be announced through Magnormos Mail, this website, and AT2 Artist Technologies.