With thanks to The City of Port Phillip, Lynne Lawton, Justin Absalom & Eventix, Matthew Proctor & Imagineering, Marnie Anderson & Yamaha Music Australia, Jane Badler & Stephen Ha
ines, Heather Kennedy, Melbourne Theatre Company Props Department - Colin and Geoff, Amber Harris, Phillip Black & Staging Connections, Stewart Campbell, Will Conyers, PJ Buchanan, Karla Hillam, Bobbi-Lea Dionysius & Broadway @ Bedtime, Geoff and Wendy Costello, Nick Clark, Ashley Groenen, Ming-Zui Hii, The Portland House Group, Penny Palman-Wood, Robert Harsley,  Cyndy Kitt Vogelsang, Bill Jeffrey, Anthony Young, Penelope Stewart, Vito Matteralli & Behind the Scenes, Ray Joyner, Bill Stapleton & Montara Winery, St. Martins Youth Arts Centre, Theatreworks, Kay Daw.


All the families, friends and supporters who have assisted this production.