Music and Lyrics by Anthony Costanzo
Book by Peter Fitzpatrick



August 3rd - 15th 2009

Theatreworks, St. Kilda

LIFE'S A CIRCUS is about three people in a touring circus show. DAVID and VIVIEN, two old friends and partners in a tightrope act, and ALEX, a circus clown.

For DAVID and VIVIEN, who are thirtyish and around ten years older than ALEX, the circus has begun to lose its glitter. DAVID is a gay man who is looking for something more than the love of passing strangers; VIVIEN, who has an unfortunate habit of falling for guys who turn out to be gay, is simarly trying to find the man who might help her find the meaning she seeks.

They both fall in love with ALEX, who's not only good-looking but sufficiently unformed and apparantly undamaged to be made into the man of their dreams.

ALEX has his own issues: his feelings for DAVID challenge his sense of sexual identity, and might even explain the evasiveness that has marked his relationships with women, including VIVIEN. The circus tour is what he has always thought he has wanted – not a way of finding meaning, but perhaps meaning in itself.

For the two older people who adore him, ALEX's enigmatic reserve and wariness of commitment simply intensifies their longing–and their challenge.

Having debuted as part of the On The Drawing Board program of OzMade Musicals 2008, LIFE'S A CIRCUS was then presented as part of the Magnormos Prompt! Musicals Program at Theatre Works in August 2009, the first ever full production of the work.

Image credits
Logo design: Lauren Elise
Photography: (top) Andrew Curtis (bottom) Lauren Elise
(top photo: from left to right) Cameron MacDonald, Vaughan Curtis, Chelsea Plumley, Glen Hogstrom, Annabel Carberry, Stephen Williams and Shannon McGurgan. (bottom photo: from left to right) Chelsea Plumley, Cameron MacDonald and Glen Gogstrom.