May 23rd - 26th 2007
14 Acland Street St. Kilda
A: $25  C: $22

Sally Bourne, Kristin Keam, Amanda Levy and Wendy Stapleton
Director: Nic Clark
Musical Director: Sue Goessling

"It is impossible to be a mathematician without being a poet in the soul"

Four remarkable women mathematicians Hypatia, Emilie du Chatelet, Ada Byron Lovelace and Sonya Kovalevskya - come together in a spirited musical exploration and celebration of their passions, ideas, achievements and personal perspectives.

Details of their extraordinary lives are revealed as they take opposing views about the question central to the drama: can one predict life using mathematics? 

LOVE EQUALS is the first collaboration between writer/composer Craig Christie and actor/singer Kristin Keam. The pair first met when Kristin played the lead role of Irene B in Craig’s show Water Into Wine, which was performed as part of the Magnormos Music Theatre Readings Program in 2004. 

After Kristin toured Australia in 2005 with the Malthouse production of Minefields and Miniskirts, she sang one of Craig’s songs at OzMade Musicals 2005.  Noticing the lack of female writers on the bill, Craig decided to seek collaboration on an idea for a musical about 4 women mathematicians, and LOVE EQUALS began. 

In between Craig’s international work engaging communities using musical theatre, production duties on Eurobeat and touring his educational shows in Australia and Singapore, and Kristin’s work with tertiary students at VCA, Ballarat University and Box Hill Institute, they wrote a play about life, love, and 4 extraordinary women. 

LOVE EQUALS was debuted at OZMADE MUSICALS 2006, and had its world premiere as the launch of the new Magnormos Prompt Musicals program.

Love Equals will be published by Hal Leonard Australia.

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Sebastien Arnold
Sally Bourne, Kristin Keam, Amanda Levy and Wendy Stapleton.