Music by Jimmy Roberts
Book and Lyrics by Joe DiPietro


Based Upon the Screenplay "MEN" by Doris Dorrie
Originally Produced in New York by Jonathan Pollard,
Bernie Kukoff and Tony Converse.
In association with James Hammerstein Productions

Originally produced by the B Street Theatre in Sacramento, California,
Buck Busfield, Producing Director, Timothy Busfield, Artistic Director


A musical comedy farce

July 3rd - 12th 2008
Theatreworks, St. Kilda


A musical comedy farce with a genuine heart - The Thing About Men is the eagerly anticipated follow-up work from the writers of the mega-success I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change.

Tom is a creative director at a top advertising firm.  He's enjoying the benefits of being a 'bread-winning, ass-kicking, Porsche-driving, home-owning, lawn-mowing' man - but he's also cheating on his wife Lucy, with several different women.

The thing about Lucy is... she's also cheating on Tom with artist, Sebastian, who gives her the attention she so richly deserves.  But in Tom's world, what's good for the gander is definitely not so good for the goose - and when he finds out about Lucy's affair, he moves out on her and - in disguise, moves in with her lover Sebastian...        

The love-tangled plot is manipulated by a Greek-chorus style duo, who play over 20 different roles between them. The action is fast and furious - and really, with a musical about modern fidelity set in New York City, how else would you pace it?

If you enjoyed I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, you'll LOVE The Thing About Men.


Image credits
Logo design: Lauren Elise
Photography: Sebastien Arnold
Chris Parker and Liam Pedersen