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Monday 27 August 2012

Presented with OzMade Musicals 2012

THE LAST TEN YEARS was a retrospective look at the first decade of Magnormos productions, to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the company.

The audience were treated to a 'calvacade of stars' (theatrepeople.com.au) with highlights from 18 Magnormos productions, in most cases performed by the original artist who created the role on the Magnormos stage.

The concert opened with the very first Magnormos production, Stephen Schwartz's WORKING (pictured above) which launched the company in 2002. Original cast members Bryce Baumgarten, Melinda Gregory, Angela Lumicisi and Elizabeth Matjacic joined Jemimah 'Ducky' Blakey with guest Magnormos Contributing Artists to perform a medley of All The Livelong Day and If I Could've Been.

Jemimah 'Ducky' Blakey and company performing in WORKING in The Last Ten Years

Next to the stage were original cast members Erin Keleher and Matthew Robinson (pictured) from the 2003 Australian premiere production of SATURDAY NIGHT, performing a medley of What More Do I Need? and So Many People.

SATURDAY NIGHT in The Last Ten Years

Guest artists Tim Carney and Drew Weston (pictured) performed the title song from our 2003 Australian premiere performance of NILE BLUE.

Tim Carney and Drew Weston perroming in NILE BLUE in The Last Ten Years

Twice Magnormos has staged DUTCH COURAGE, the Melbourne premiere in 2004 and again in 2008 to raise funds to send the musical to New York. Original cast member from both productions, Lyall Brooks, led guest artists (pictured) Jamie Burgess, Joshua Stanbury, Jacob Cook and Matt Holly in the number Fags Can't Fight.

Jamie Burgess, Joshua Stanbury, Jacob Cook and Matt Holly performing in DUTCH COURAGE in The Last Five Years

Original cast member Judith Roberts (pictured) reprised her role next from 2004's WATER INTO WINE and sang Coleslaw.

Judith Roberts performing in WATER INTO WINE in The Last Ten Years

In 2005 Magnormos staged an original revival of the Australian classic A BUNCH OF RATBAGS, which lead to the company's first CD cast recording.

Six original cast members: Lyall Brooks, Jessica Enes, Nicolette Minster (pictured), Ben Nicholas (pictured), Greg Ross and Steve Simmons returned to the Magnormos stage and performed a medley of Terry Cooke, Mason or a Mick and The Wedding Song.

Nicolette Minster and Ben Nicholas performing in A BUNCH OF RATBAGS in The Last Ten Years

Original artist Jane Badler (pictured) performed Toujour Gay from our 2005 Australian premiere production of ARCHY & MEHITABEL.

Jane Badler performing in ARCHY & MEHITABEL in The Last Ten Years

Our 2008 world premiere of Australian musical THE BEAUTY SPOT was revisited with Welcome To... performed by original cast member Meg Corson (pictured left) and guest artists Shula Keyte and Zuleika Khan.

THE BEAUTY SPOT in The Last Ten Years

Jessica Enes reprised her 2007 Australian premiere performance as the title character of FLORA THE RED MENACE with Sing Happy.

FLORA THE RED MENACE in The Last Ten Years

The 2007 our Melbourne premiere season of MARY BRYANT garnered Magnormos with our first Green Room Award nomination (Best Musical Direction: Sophie Thomas). The season was remembered with the song The One Who's Name performed by original cast member Nicholas Kong (pictured) and guest artist Jamie McGuane.

FLORA THE RED MENACE in The Last Ten Years

Lyall Brooks reprised his Green Room Award nominated role from our 2008 production of THE THING ABOUT MEN, with co cast member Nicolette Minster and guest artist Sam Ludeman with the Restaurant Sequence.

THE THING ABOUT MEN in The Last Ten Years

Our 2009 world premiere of LIFE'S A CIRCUS became the second Magnormos production to be released on a cast recording, including our next performer, Green Room award nominated Chelsea Plumley who sang for us Fly Away.

Chelsea Plumley performing in LIFE'S A CIRCUS in The Last Ten Years

The 2010 Australasian premiere production of Broadway's [TITLE OF SHOW] was so succesful for Magnormos it enjoyed a return season and a tour to Frankston Arts Centre. Members of the original Broadway company came to Melbourne for a specially added performance and to take part in a Q&A forum for the audience. It was remembered with original cast members David Spencer (picture), Laura Fitzpatrick and Lara Thew, with guest artist Jamie McGuane (pictured) with Untitled Opening Number.

2010 also brought the first Magnormos writers triptych in partnership with Melbourne Recital Centre. To celebrate the 80th birthday of Stephen Sondheim Magnormos presented three musicals (SATURDAY NIGHT, MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG and ANYONE CAN WHISTLE) in three weeks as A SONDHEIM TRIPTYCH. Original triptych cast members Laura Fitzpatrick and Sally Bourne (pictured) sang There's Always a Woman from ANYONE CAN WHISTLE to represent the triptych.

2011 brought the first Magnormos Green Room Award wins, including a Best Featured Artist in a musical for Emma Jones in THE HATPIN. The Melbourne premiere season was remembred with Something Like Being A Mother performed by original artist Samantha Morley.

The second Magnormos triptych, the JERRY HERMAN TRIPTYCH celebrated the career of Broadway's Jerry Herman with three of his musicals (MILK AND HONEY, DEAR WORLD and HELLO, DOLLY!). Original artist Susan-ann Walker represented HELLO, DOLLY! with So Long Dearie.

Susan-ann Walker performing in JERRY HERMAN TRIPTYCH in The Last Ten Years

The full company then bowed to California Dreamin' before being lead in song by original Green Room Award winning FLOWERCHILDREN cast members (Best Ensemble Performance) Laura Fitzpatrick, Tim Carney and Zuleika Khan.

Susan-ann Walker performing in JERRY HERMAN TRIPTYCH in The Last Ten Years

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The Last Ten Years was partnered with OzMade Musicals 2012.